The E.MAP/1889 Foundation Critical Skills

Scholarship Endowment

E.MAP (The Employers Medical Access Partnership) and 1889 Foundation have teamed up to create an important scholarship endowment fund. 

The purpose of the Fund is to provide $1,000 scholarships to worthy recipients who are pursuing careers in a medical profession.   Our goal is to encourage area students to receive their medical educations locally and hopefully to serve as medical professionals within our community for years to come.  The recipients will be determined by the Director of the Conemaugh School of Nursing and applied to a student in a critical skills curriculum.

Thanks to the generous contributions from the following organizations who have made the endowment possible:

  • AmeriServ Financial
  • Benefits Network
  • The Conemaugh Health Foundation (now 1889 Foundation)
  • The Cambria/Somerset Labor Management Committee (via proceeds from their annual charitable golf event)
  • E.MAP
  • UPMC Health Plan

Scholarship Award Winners


  • Aubree Kramber
  • Gabriel Beam
  • Cassandra Nave
  • Emily Harrington
  • Adam Frederick
  • Hanna Todaro


  • Aubree Kramber
  • Alexandra Mikovich
  • Jennifer Paonessa
  • Andrew McFadden
  • Sonya Underwood


  • Melissa Brubaker
  • Jeremy Bigelow
  • Kristin DAmbrosia
  • Brandon Ferre
  • Ginger Taylor


  • Jeremy Bigelow
  • Melissa Brubaker
  • Kristen D’Ambrosia
  • Brandon Ferre
  • Ginger Taylor


  • Christie Bowers
  • Ryan Browne
  • Shannah Brutz
  • Susan Heider
  • Kathryn Miller
  • Catherine Sallese


  • Joshua Haskins
  • Olivia Lane
  • Jody Bodenschatz
  • Jolyn Gontis
  • Rebecca Waugh

2009 Charter Class

  • Jodi Zahurak
  • Amber Matyi
  • Lydia Lehman
  • Hesha Foshee
  • Abby Williams