Option to Renew Under Pre-Affordable Care Act Plans and Rating Methodology for Renewing E.MAP Groups

UPMC Health Plan is pleased to provide E.MAP (the Employers Medical Access Partnership) small group clients with the opportunity to renew their current pre-Affordable Care Act coverage through calendar year 2014

Small group clients who renew in April through June may renew their existing coverage. Small group clients who renew July 2014 and beyond may renew their existing coverage or may choose an alternate plan from UPMC Health Plan’s 2013 product portfolio.

Existing E.MAP members that renew under in force pre-ACA plans during this time frame will continue to receive any 2014 rate guarantees for which they qualify under the agreement dated January 1, 2009 between UPMC Health Plan and E.MAP.


Contact your broker, UPMC Health Plan account manager, or E.MAP if you have any questions.


The best available prices on UPMC Health Plan coverage under 2014 Affordable Care Act rules


E.MAP 2014 Preferred Pricing Program

The cost of providing health care benefits continues to be a significant business expense. But UPMC Health Plan is committed to providing Employers Medical Access Partnership’s (E.MAP) member groups with the lowest rate possible.


Through E.MAP, UPMC Health Plan offers employees in Blair, Bedford, Cambria, Indiana, and Somerset counties bundled savings for small groups, and preferred pricing, and rate caps for larger employers. There are dozens of plan designs from which to choose that offer a wide variety of contributions and benefits. That means financial savings right now and a competitive advantage for your organization.

Bundled Savings, Preferred Pricing, and Rate Caps*

The exhibit below presents the various savings opportunities for groups of all sizes through E.MAP and UPMC Health Plan. Together, we’ve got you covered!


Groups with 2 to 50 employees

UPMC Dental Advantage discount

60% off each UPMC Dental Advantage policy when group purchases UPMC Health Plan medical coverage**

Groups with 51 to 100 employees

Medical - Initial Rate

3% off standard UPMC Health Plan pricing

Medical - First Renewal

Maximum rate increase of 14%

Groups with 101 or more employees

Medical - Initial Rate

3% off standard UPMC Health Plan pricing

Medical - First Renewal

Maximum rate increase of 14%

Medical - Second Renewal

Maximum 15% trend factor applied to demographics and experience

*These offers are valid as of January 1, 2014, and are subject to change. Please note that due to limitations imposed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), rate caps are not available to groups with 2 to 50 employees.

**The discount is valid for these plans only: Basic 100/0/0/$0; Basic 100/0/0/$50; Basic 100/0/0/$75; Standard 100/50/50/$0/$1,500/No Ortho; Standard 100/50/50/$75/$2,000/No Ortho; Premium 100/80/50/$0/$1,500/No Ortho; Premium 100/70/50/$0/$1,000/No Ortho; Premium 100/70/50/$50/$1,000/No Ortho; Premium 100/70/50/$0/$1,500/No Ortho; Premium 100/70/50/$50/$1,500/No Ortho


About UPMC Dental Advantage

UPMC Dental Advantage offers members three plan models — Basic, Standard, and Premium — with a network of credentialed dentists. The plan is designed to encourage regular preventive care and foster open communication between patients and dentists regarding recommended treatment plans. The UPMC Dental Advantage network includes more than 1,900 providers in our 29-county service area.


How to Request a Quote

For more information about E.MAP’s cost-saving programs with UPMC Health Plan, or to request a quote, please contact one of the following:

  • Your insurance broker/producer
  • UPMC Health Plan at 1-888-383-UPMC
  • E.MAP at 814-243-0012